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A Tribute to Bill Parrish

Bill Parrish

Bill Parrish was a highly regarded tax accountant, nationally renowned speaker and visionary entrepreneur. He passed away peacefully at home on December 18, 2023, after a brave battle with cancer. Please bear with us as we work to determine which parts of TaxAdvantage will continue forward and what will sunset with his passing.

Like many highly successful serial entrepreneurs, Bill Parrish credited early life experiences for setting him on a path to success. Bill grew up on a poor working farm and carried a strong connection to the land throughout his life. To fund his education, Bill took a position in banking, rising through the ranks to become the youngest bank president in the US.

At the same time, Bill had also launched his own accounting practice TaxAdvantage, rising just as quickly through the ranks of an industry that would become his passion. Over the years, he has amassed a staggering number of awards and recognitions, accepted countless leadership positions nationwide, became a sought-after speaker, led workshops for hundreds of thousands of participants and offered frequent suggestions to the IRS.

Bill’s love of the land led him to story-worthy adventures in real estate, like building his own Ozark Mountain eco village (or, you know, buying an island for his family to enjoy – at a tax sale, of course). His business savvy and love of a peaceful retreat led him to a yacht he had restored and captained regularly from Clearwater Beach, Florida. His love of family life showed in the time he cherished with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as well as a daily ritual that bookended each day. The morning pot of coffee he shared with his wife and partner of 46 years, Cheryl, let them savor the peaceful time before the workday, while a shared bottle of wine welcomed the evening – whether that day was spent on land or sea, watching the setting sun color the sky above crystal blue waters. Even with all of Bill’s successes, he never lost sight of the simple pleasures that truly made life rich.