Virtual Staff Accountant

At TaxAdvantage, we go the extra mile, or miles when required, to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible assistance in all areas of managing their small businesses.

virtual bookkeeping with computer and tablet

Our clients are good at what they do for their customers, patients, or clients. What they may not be as good at is record keeping or the requirements placed upon them to have good records. Their choice is to outsource their accounting and tax compliance needs to our firm.

As a Virtual Staff Accountant at TaxAdvantage, you will be working directly with small business owners. You will be working with assigned clients utilizing QuickBooks On Line, the largest provider of such services. Business owners will be either making their own entries daily or will weekly or monthly send their ”stuff” to you to record for them. You will be balancing their bank and credit card accounts, going over all of their activity for accurateness, and co-operating with our founder as we jointly communicate our impressions and recommendations to clients. Most importantly, you will be the go-to expert for accounting and bookkeeping answers and needs.

You will have at least 5 years experience in all facets of bookkeeping and be familiar with computerized accounting systems and will be working exclusively with QuickBooks Online. While you may be familiar with tax preparation procedures, that will be considered a plus, but not a requirement. You will be working from either your home or your office and available during normal business hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. You have the opportunity to either supplement your existing income from related activities or add to your retirement income. Experience in public accounting will be a plus, but not required.Hands on experience with QuickBooks On Line, again a plus. You may own your own bookkeeping or tax preparation firm and find this a great supplemental opportunity.

You will be compensated as a percent of the total amount billed for QuickBooks On Line services to those clients assigned to you. You should expect to earn at between $25.00 to $50.00 per hour depending upon your skills and speed, also depending upon your schedule and commitment of time. The more you earn, they happier we will all be, you see, you will be working as an associate with a firm that believes in a team concept. Everyone working together for a common goal will achieve far greater results than any one, or two, or three working on their own. Together we can exceed all client expectations. You will communicate with clients via phone and email, all handled either through our phone system transferring calls to your cell phone, or by email through our internal systems. You will be assisted by our founding expert with over 50 years of experience in accounting matters. It is anticipated that this will be a business adventure for you so you will be an independent contractor.

Interested in learning more, just drop us either a letter of interest, or a copy of your resume to so we can become better acquainted.